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Wild Venison Biltong

Wild Venison Biltong (75g)

Wonderfully tasty, super lean venison biltong

BBQ Biltong

BBQ Biltong (75g)

Introducing our new flavour

The Original Biltong

The Original Biltong (75g)

Great Taste Award Winner (2017)

Peri Peri Biltong

Peri Peri Biltong (75g)

Great Taste Award Winner (2017)

Chilli Chutney Biltong

Chilli Chutney Biltong (75g)

Great Taste Award Winner (2014 & 2020)

Garlic Biltong

Garlic Biltong (75g)

With just a hint of delicious garlic

Original Drywors

Original Drywors (75g)

Great Taste Award Winner (2017)

GO M-EAT! Biltong

GO M-EAT! Biltong (75g)

Leaner, fitter faster

We totally dropped a cookie. Much love. Learn more