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We only use certified, traceable grass-fed Scotch beef.

Why m-eat!?


m-eat! only uses certified and traceable prime-cut Scotch beef, never the left-over bits used in other biltong and jerky.


m-eat! is 50% pure protein, low in carbs, fat and sugar, and soy free. It’s packed with the good stuff your body needs. Keto-ritious.


Most biltong-making sucks out the moisture. We leave some in for extra flavour. Paleo-tastic


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Succulent, rich and delicious high protein snack

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Premium biltong

Without Compromise

We only use grass-fed beef from naturally reared, fully traceable prime cattle from certified and assured UK farms.

Our biltong is always tenderised and slow dried for over three days to ensure great flavour and texture.

That’s why we have a number of great taste awards for our cured beef.